Fire protection enclosures

Our Breitz fire protection enclosures offer more than just simple fire protection. They fulfil all important criteria for fire and smoke protection. If a fire develops inside the housing, the fire protection enclosure prevents fumes, fire and heat.

The Breitz Clever enclosures are additionally equipped with intelligent software, which allows our smoke flaps to close within seconds of smoke detection.

This enables us to ensure ventilation of the fire protection housing without neglecting fire protection. Ideal for escape routes and assembly locations!


Fire resistant furniture

Furnitures are a very high fire hazard in buildings, especially in rooms and corridors with many people.

With the "Kordial PT" material, we can build fire resistant furniture that is visually and ergonomically appealing. We are versatile in our design and layout, from a simple chair to a lockable filing cabinet. Our fireproof materials can be produced in various colours and modern designs, be it wood, concrete or synthetics.

Consulting & Support

It always helps to have a strong partner specialized in preventive fire protection projects.

Our team helps to realize projects in an elegant and beautiful design, where the aspect of fire protection is always in the foreground.

Close cooperation with the fire brigade, fire protection officers, universities, engineers and fire protection partners is important to us. Architects as well as engineers and structural engineers can consult us on the subject of preventive fire protection. Even after completion of the project, we are available for further advice and support.



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Competent and reliable - Kordial Media modernises fire protection technology

5.0 rating
August 12th 2019

Kordial Media designs elegant fire protection enclosures with state-of-the-art technology. It responds to individual wishes and advises customers competently on the phone. We are very pleased with the service and your fire protection solutions.