The company for intelligent fire protection solutions

Kordial Media GmbH is a company founded in 2016 in the science and art nouveau city of Darmstadt, Germany, which combines innovative ideas and IT with aesthetics and fire protection in these traditions.

Our team, consisting of experts from various fields, creates solutions for you that harmonize IT, high-end design and fire protection. In addition, we merge contemporary aesthetics with compliance with legal fire safety regulations for your company.

Fire protection for electronics and displays indoors or outdoors, always intelligently solved up to integrated IT-supported solutions (IoT) and of course smart engineered.


Discover our products and let us help you make your building safer.

Among other things, we offer :

Intelligent Software
We research innovative fire protection technologies paired with electronics and intelligent software.

Innovative Technologies
Our strengths lie in the use of innovative and intelligent solutions in the fire protection sector.

Our goal
The most important goal of preventive fire protection is the protection of persons and thus the securing of escape and rescue routes.

The man behind Kordial Media GmbH

Metin Dogan, Dipl. Computer Scientist

During his career, Mr. Dogan has already founded several companies (among others) in the IT sector and successfully managed them for decades. Some of the companies he founded have become nationally relevant players in their business segments, working in close partnership with globally positioned big players. Mr. Dogan also successfully floated one of his companies on the stock exchange and now devotes his time to research and development, smart IT as well as the overall concept of Kordial Media GmbH.